Another Early Start

With Jermaine away I have been looking forward to a relaxing lay-in each morning as the kids are capable of getting themselves off to school. I should know better I guess.

Daisy woke me up this morning to say that she is off to school and, by the way, someone has broken the window on the car.

So, straight out of bed at 07:30 to go out and see what the damage is, call the emergency glass repair people then start clearing the car. I know the glass company will do that but I figured I may need the car at some point today so best have it ready to drive. Have just finished and it is nearly 10:00. At least Matt made me a cup of tea which I am currently drinking.

I was up until 2am washing the sofa cushions then left the covers of one to wash when I went to bed. I have just put on the covers to the other sofa so by this evening it can all be put back together again clean and hopefully not smelling of Jermaine’s pee.

Robin kindly gave us a sofa yesterday for Jermaine’s room which was my inspiration for trying to salvage the suite we have downstairs. Robin’s old one works very well in J’s room which, despite a lot of cleaning yesterday, still smell of stale urine. I am wondering if the smell will ever go even if we strip the carpet out and redecorate; it is probably soaked well into the wood beneath the carpet too.

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