I hate it when this happens

I asked matt to sort this morning out as I knew I was going to stay up a little later than normal and had today all planned out.

What was going to happen was that I was going to get up around 10, have a nice long soak in the bath, get out and have a nice sunbed session listening to some adagio or other and then go out for a while possibly over to MK for a wander, meet Robin if he wasn’t busy and in the evening I was going to go out with friends after a nice roast dinner cooked by Matt to see Brokeback Mountain … yes, a truly lovely day.

This is how it really went:

I was woken up at 8 by daisy saying how Zoey couldn’t be arsed to get ready so had missed her bus, Daisy had been arguing with Zoey was now running late herself. Matt had got up at 7:45, too late to make sure Zoey got on her bus and after doing Jermaine had gone back to bed. This meant I had to get straight out of bed and drive both girls to school, no time to do anything except clean my teeth.

On the way back me and Matt, who decided to go with me, had something in McDonalds, he some food and me a coffee. It was pleasant enough but away from my plans for the day.

I spoke to him and it turns out he didn’t get any meat out anyway so no roast this evening.

It is now 10:39 and I am really quite uptight, not really in a good frame of mind to do a relaxing anything, it will be some time before I get my day back on track again. This is assuming I shall.

This situation can’t continue as none of the kids give a shit about their chores now, they just see them as a joke, a bargaining chip for something they want. It has got to the point where I am starting to do these things myself just because it is less stressful to do it than it is to argue with the kids to do it. So, this evening, instead of a relaxing movie I am going to be having a family conference, we are going to sit down and find out how we got to this point and how we get back to what we should be doing.

Why is it I make these plans for myself to pamper ‘me’ when I really should know better?

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