In keeping with most of the civilised world, I hate Monday mornings.

This morning I am taking Daisy to school to find out what is going on. Most of her friends seem to think there is a teacher training day today yet the school website says not. But then, it also mentions no other teacher training days that they have had this year and I know of at least three occasions when they have been closed.

I am fed up with being single, it just doesn’t suit me. Not that there are any options or alternatives to that right now or for the foreseeable future. I’ve accepted and moved on from any idea that Martyn may wander down the relationship route, it’s never gonna happen, such is life, move on … so I did.

Still, a guy that is not into casual sex that can’t find a relationship feels lonely. Of course, casual sex to me means sex with strangers, guys I barely know so it doesn’t mean no sex at all but even so, not going to make my life complete by any stretch of the imagination. I can own all the gadgets under the sun, the PDA, the sunbed, the PC the … whatever, it doesn’t matter. I am not materialistic, none of that comes close to what I really need.

The tragic part for me is that I don’t, no matter how hard I try, find Robin sexually attractive, and I so wish I did cos I love him to bits and we get on so well … life is a bitch at times.

Really looking forward to GC, I so need a break somewhere hot and relaxing. It will be great being with Martyn again too … no, not because of any ‘feelings’ but because he is actually a very good friend even if he does have an annoying habit of getting jealous over stuff. It’s so silly really, as with all my friends he should know he can share anything, I’d help him get what he wanted if it made him happier. There is not a single bone in my body that would want to get one over on a friend and hell, I can’t help the way I look, I was just born with dark skin … I’ve actually always wanted to be blonde!

Gotta go, let’s go see what this school is really doing today.

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