Ex Wife Blues

When we decided to get divorced I said I wanted the kids living with me and she said she’d go to court as they’d never let them stay with a poof. I mentioned the time she slapped our eldest onto the at risk register and her promiscuity coupled with her general inability to parent and she agreed without further argument that they stayed with me. The whole process took around 7 minutes, there were no raised voices.

Since she met her now husband three or so years ago she has seen the kids less and less.

The legal situation is that we have shared care, it should be 50/50 and she is liable for 50% of their costs … yeah right!

When she announced that she didn’t want anything to do with the eldest lad (mentally handicapped and got to 18 Jan 2005) I stopped driving the girls over to her as there was no longer any gain to me seeing as I still had to care for my lad. This was when she started to see them less because it meant putting some effort into it.

However, it was once a week and occasional weekends. Now she has made it clear she only wants to see them for a couple of hours once every couple of weeks ‘or so’ which has, on occasion, been up to 5 weeks.

She tells the girls how upset she is she cannot see them more often.

The girls are confused as hell by it

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