Ponder away

Seems I was right about the hospital and they did make a cock up.

The woman investigating called me earlier today to say that the registrar I saw last March made a terrible recording of a letter about my operation so when the consultants secretary got it, she couldn’t understand what she was saying. Easy enough to resolve we would have thought but no, apparently not. The secretary went on holiday meaning to sort it out upon her return and, of course, she didn’t, it got left. So this is a letter saying that someone may have cancer so needs an urgent operation which got left whilst someone else went on holiday and then forgotten about totally.

It really was not until I wrote them that they realised the mistake and made the appointment for surgery.

I mentioned the complication of surgery to the nurse that did my pre-operative examination and she said that yes, it was all in the notes; they’d pick up on that. I mentioned it to the anaesthetist on the day of the operation and he said that’s fine, it’s all on the notes. I mentioned it to the guy that came round on the day of the operation representing the surgeon and he too said it was fine, it was all on the notes.

This means that on three separate occasions they could have sorted it out and didn’t.

Now the surgeon is saying he wants to see me when he gets back from holiday on 19th October … I mean, it is so lucky I am not dead as had it been cancer, I would have been by now most likely. As it is they apparently feel they have plenty of time to waste.

My dilemma now is … do I wait it out, give them an ear bashing and demand a quick and effective surgery or do I sue the bastards for the stress I have been under worrying about this thing?

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