Thursday already

Not done a lot today, in fact, just did what I planned to do. I awoke after a horrible nightmare that John had left me at around 9.30, I saved myself a padded sunbed then went over the road and bought some croissants which I decided would taste good with cheese and honey … I have no idea where that combination came from but I was right, either it was a good mix or this cold has totally screwed my taste buds!

I sat down on my lounger by 10.00 reading The autobiography of Nigel Hawthorne and it must be well good because I didn’t really move again until after 3pm when I considered lunch may be a good idea. That was just a soup with a roll, was OK but hardly anything to write home about … except I just did.

The weather changed by the time I went outside again and it wasn’t sunny any more but overcast and a little chilly so, feeling tired I went back to bed where I awoke again around 6 ‘ish to another nightmare, this time the kids were all taken away from me … I figure my brain is telling me I am homesick though I am trying to overlook it as the concept is a little too upsetting.

Just been to the Yumbo and came straight back again as I didn’t fancy going there in the first place, it was just somewhere to go walking to keep me active and try to flush out the virus. I should grab some food but am not really hungry at all … the rum and raisin back at the apartment seems tempting though.

I think I may have got a bit of a tan today, but then, I may just need a shower!

Is anyone reading this I wonder?

Hope Daisy is OK, heard she got hit by a stone at school yesterday.

Well, that’s me, may see Jim later for another chat, I hope so else I may just go back to sleep and yet, I don’t feel tired, just knackered!

I’d use some smilies but I can’t find them on this flippin’ keyboard, they are not where they normally are and the marking on the keyboard are all wrong too, hey ho!

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