Ebay Woes

I bought a PC base unit for Deej and it arrived today. The cost was £180 which I thought was good considering the specification but not overly a bargain, just about right.

Oh dear!

Turned it on or tried to, it crashed. Kept trying and eventually it did start but continued to crash. Managed some updates but the CPU was showing temperatures of excess of 100 deg and then it crashed again.

I examined the insides and discovered the fan on the PSU didn’t work because the case was buckled. The fan on the CPU was detached because it was broken. It didn’t boot again, it’s now dead. Some power is getting through but basically it’s dead in the water. My conservative estimate for repair is £115.

Have written to the seller with some options, the first being I send the thing back and he gives me a refund. Actually, he gives me a refund and I send it back. I have said he may wish to contribute toward repair costs or, I can just go through the paypal complaint system and get it resolved that way. If that isn’t working then I suppose there is always the small claims court, thankfully the guys full name and address are on the sent box.

I need to buy an upgraded PSU for my machine anyway as the 250w one I have is too underpowered for the demands placed on it so before I insert it in my box I can try it on Deej’s machine. If that makes no difference then at least I know it wasn’t the PSU but the processor. That’s still £75 though so not a good option.

On the plus side, I also, as well as using paypal, paid for it on my VISA card so I have some cover there as well.

I still reckon it’s a £180 mistake I shall live to regret 🙁

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