Nervous? Me?

You bet I am

I have finally got around to listing my Citroen on Ebay, it took way longer than I’d imagined so now the bidding probably ends at very late O’clock in 10 days time, no matter.

Not that I should be worried by this because I have done my sums. I need to get £4100 to break even on the sale of this car and the repair of the Sebring. But that money is over £2000 less than I paid for the car in worse condition just over a year ago! I am taking a huge loss on it. My theory is that should I get more than one bidder it could fly and if I don’t, I get something which is better than the nothing I have right now. With a bill of potentially £2500 for the Sebring repairs I can’t afford to get nothing. What this means is that I effectively don’t start saving for the holiday spending money until today giving me just 10 weeks over which time, if I am lucky, I may just get it together providing nothing else huge hits me (it probably will). I do still need to pay for the insurance on the Citroen which I have had to keep up and also the insurance on the Sebring which is going to be around £550 which I may just have to accept paying in expensive instalments if I don’t get a good price for the C5.

It’s done now so just to see what happens … feel free to watch the price sky rocket on Ebay (I wish) and, better yet … bid on the flippin’ thing!

Good new for Nick. I know Kings Heath is not the best estate in town but it sure beats a cardboard box and sleeping on mates floors. At least it is a council place so the only way is up and it’s dead cheap too. I looked at it today from the outside and would be interested in how big they are as they all look a fair size with their balconies. True, there are chavs all over the place there but being right on the edge of the estate should mean problems would be minimal if at all.

I was quite pleased with myself earlier for doing a DIY job at Robin’s new bungalow. The paint is making me feel dead shit but it’ll pass, it always happens around paint. I could have made it better, not my best work and I know it could have been a lot smoother but, to be honest, the fumes were not good so I speeded it up and skimped a little on the detail. I am sure it’ll do OK though. Once the flooring is down and the furniture in it’ll look lovely.

May pop into Homebase tomorrow and cost some shelving options as there will be a fair amount needed.

John made a little cock up earlier … the outlaws came for tea. I was feeling crap so had a sleep. It’s quite funny really but he clean forgot to feed them! We’d not long had dinner so no one else was hungry.

The play ‘Curtain Up on Murder’ was excellent even though I hate the drive there and back. For a small company they do ever so well and I was pleased to hear the NODA rep giving such high praise, well deserved indeed. I don’t feel it would be too much to ask to get one or two disabled spaces outside the village hall though, I am sure they have a legal requirement to do so.

I shall be interested to hear how Matt plans to have the holiday spending money whilst spending all his currently available spending money, should be interesting … unless he doesn’t get any in which case he is going to me so Mr. Unpopular!

Robin’s housewarming party is on June 23rd at the new place, contact me for the address if you want to go.

Cup of tea anyone?

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