True to her Word

Christine at the DVLA in Swansea got one of her colleagues to call me this morning. When I spoke to her last week she said she would monitor my case and call me with any developments but, let’s face it, who believes that anyone is true to their word any more? But, obviously she was because her colleague called to let me know that Christine was off today but before she left last night she’d seen the V5 had arrived from the previous owner and processed a new V5 for me straight away which should be with me either late this week or early next week … that is absolutely amazing and I thanked the called very much and asked for my gratitude to be passed on to Christine.

What this means is that all I am waiting for is the car to be repaired and get through the MOT then I am on the road. I spoke to Neville at the garage and he remains confident that it will all be done in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly from now on and I can go on holiday relaxed in the knowledge that my worries over the car are finished.

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