We have to believe for something to exist

You know, even with all the amazing things there are to do, people had to go and invent boredom!

With these kittens it is easy to believe that we all have suicidal tendencies or have become Emo because of the marks we have on our arms … I suppose we have failed in teaching them at Christmas they have to be good and kind and not take chunks out of us!

In just half an hour it will be Christmas 2007 and it only seems like 365 days ago I was thinking that very thought.

This particular Santa has sorted all the gifts into neatly named piles ready for the big day. I was surprised just how many there are and, to be honest, can’t remember the last time my own stack was as huge as it is this year.

We have an unusually early start tomorrow aiming to leave here by 08:30 to go visit Jermaine who could well still be in bed when we get there! Because of that, I should really be tucked up in bed myself rather than sitting here drinking a rather nice bourbon.

To anyone and everyone who reads this, a very merry Christmas and especially to my dear friends, a huge heartfelt thank you.


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