Gotta Cold :-(

But, it’s only a cold so no biggie

I think I am losing friendships and there is nothing I can do about it.

A couple I know recently, one asked who I was when I sent a text, he’d deleted my number and the other ignores me on MSN. We have stayed with these guys, they have stayed here and we got along OK, known them for years and they have not said there is a problem.

Another friend kind of didn’t tell me he’s visiting Matt. This is a friend of mine who met Matt through me yet he tells me he’s real busy and doesn’t have much time.

Yet another guy is in regular contact with Matt yet they met through me and he was my friend, seem not any more.

Sadly I think I know why but there is nothing I can do about it or would want to do about it. I can’t please everyone with my choice of partners. I don’t want to lose friends but, at the same time, I need to be my own person and be with who I want to be with.

So, right now there are some serious vacancies for friends in my life because I so need adult conversation with intelligent people.

This is not to in any way undermine the friendships I maintain, I value them all, but I would be mad not to acknowledge that which stares me in the face!

Daisy got really crap school grades but I am optimistic that he wants to do something about it. On the one hand it bothers me if she doesn’t reach her full potential but then, on the other, all I really want from any of the kids is that that are happy, help others when they can and are liked by others.

I only just noticed but none of these posts seem to be dated. Actually, the date is there but it is the same colour as the background so you would need to highlight it to see it.

Today I was hoping to go see Jermaine as he couldn’t visit yesterday but my eyes are really too sore to be driving about.

On one of the websites I use some idiot just said that a person cannot be properly gay if they have kids, some people are just plain stupid.

Watched Bee Movie with the kids yesterday and it is a real laugh. Actually, it is so good I now have to buy the DVD to prove I mean what I say when I have said that downloading a movie is more likely to encourage me to buy.

I am so looking forward to getting my hair done tomorrow, even better that it is a freebie. Heaven knows what it is going to look like as I am just going to tell them to use their imagination.

You so don’t want to know how much debt I am in but these things have to be done. I have a theory that it gets to a certain point and actually starts to look good again despite being dire. No, it isn’t meant to make sense.

I need summer

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