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Got up, had some grub and headed off to Robin’s place to help him out with a guy he sees regular for his health. It was a good visit and we had a laugh. As usual his cat Minerva was in and out like a rent boy on a Saturday night. OK, maybe not exactly like a rent boy now I think about it!

Came back to get on with some put off accounting which I am pleased to say balanced perfectly. I filled out some forms, made some required phone calls and posted some letters.

After I had just finished that and by now, pushing 3pm, Robin visited here with David, our friend originally from Texas but lately of Clapham. We discussed a little economy, some anomalies and the very silly subject of why it costs more to get a three day return than it does to buy a day return. Neither of us could really resolve that issue except for that the service providers know more people need more than a day so they can screw them for more money whereas those on a day return are more likely to seek alternative transport options if the price is too high. It sort of makes sense but is still stupid.

As soon as they left I drove and collected Daisy from her late session at school catching up on her ICT skills.

Did several other not overly exciting things and chilled a little.

Had a long dad/daughter chat with Daisy which I hope helped her out with a problem she’s got.

I have had a bath, feel nice and clean, totally relaxed and deciding what to do next. Shall I build another coaster or fly a plane or perhaps do a little silly stuff on the Wii? Decsions like that are what I love! 🙂

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