Cheeky sod!

Some people are so homophobic they are prepared to spend good money on ensuring gay people are given a very wide berth.

Yesterday, James dad offered them a house in Briar Hill, he has quite a lot of property going spare. They have said they are quite happy to stay here, would prefer to stay here but even so this place was offered. He was especially keen, I should think, because landlords are going through a rough time right now. With James and Daisy he’d be assured an income because the state would pick up the bill. I is a win win situation for him. He gets reliable tenants and gets his son and grandchild away from those nasty, corrupting homosexuals.

Both Daisy and James said “no” but I wonder, as the offers increase with incentives, how easy it is going to be to say no in the future? How long is it going to be before both James parents combine forces and start offering them alternatives down in Kent? I know James is keen to live there, Briar Hill was never much of an offer. Kent though, that could sway it. What I never want to do is to say, “I told you so” when they move to Kent and find there is no support there at all, only fake support which promises the earth and delivers very little.


Finally yesterday I got the domains sorted. It meant totally deleting all net record of the Disney site as it had got corrupted but I managed that OK. Took a few hours to upload again though. I am letting two of my domains expire. I have not used or updated the famously gay or Port Aventura sites for way over a year and they are not really that good anyway. A good idea at the time but not worthy of having more money spent on them despite it being quite cheap to renew these days.

Work yesterday was a little challenging. Partly this was due to the age old problem of the laptop needing some installs done and having to get the IT team to once again do what I could have done myself much quicker. Mainly though, it was due to the amount of contact I kept getting from home. It seemed for the entire morning I was on the phone dealing with stuff that could frankly wait. None of it was really urgent but the folks back home always seem to want me to jump every time they feel the need. I have to learn to say “no” way more often than I am currently doing. It seems it is becoming many hours over the week when I am dealing with problems that the individuals concerned should be sorting themselves. I am giving lifts to people more than capable of walking, indeed, if they considered walking as an option they’d probably not be doing many of the things that are way too easy an option now.

I am hoping today I can have a bit of a break, in keeping with the previous paragraph … I was woken up at 09:00 this morning so I could take Matt & James back to Matt’s house. Matt was still pissed from last night not getting away from the pub until 05:00. This means that again I agreed when I should have said no. Once again I didn’t get to relax in bed as I had planned. Once again James is out for the day and we have a garden full of crap which needs to go to the tip which has been there over two weeks. The upshot of all the above is, once again, I am starting to feel stressed and am again starting to feel ill. What I need to do is to start telling people outright, if it isn’t an emergency, don’t involve me in decision you can make yourself. If you don’t plan on walking, don’t make any arrangements to go places. If you want to go and you are prepared to walk, that isn’t my fault. Things still need to be done here and you need to work the extra time spent walking off from your time elsewhere and not sacrifice what time you have here to do stuff.

Not that anyone listens, of course.

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