Frustration …

Is getting me knackered. Going over the same old ground, repeating myself, hitting the same brick walls!

Is it so difficult to hear something, understand it and do it? Has the world gone totally mad and incapable? OK, maybe not the whole world but, certainly people I have to deal with daily and occasionally, too many cannot do what they should do.

This goes from people not being able to comprehend how a dirty cup becomes a clean cup and the processes involved and how they should be part of that process to large organisations such as HM Tax & Revenue who can confuse a general question with a statement of fact and totally screw up my income.

My list of the incapable and incompetent is just too long and is tipping the balance and driving me nuts. I DO NOT need or want to have at least part of every day when I get angry, I shouldn’t have to.

There is so much good going on in my life, I want to be able to enjoy it more. Can I live the ‘Walton’s’ life just for a few weeks?

Goodnight John-Boy

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