A very merry Christmas wish to everyone.

I would like it known, because it is not always obvious, that I do understand and accept the ‘Christ’ part of the day. I have no respect for most organised religions, they are out for power and glory of themselves, little to do with Christianity.

The true meaning of Christianity is a friendship with God and Jesus and, because of that, an understanding of the right way to be to all those around us but … we don’t just need religion to understand about that, other things can lead us in the right direction too. Having just watched ‘A Christmas Carol’ I can tell you that Dickens did a lot to help us find the true meaning of the bible, the essence and what is important about the bible. That we make mankind our business, that we love people and trust people and always try to see good in others and God is an important part of ‘good’.

I try to live my life according to my understanding of the teachings of Christianity. I don’t always manage it but, because of it I allow myself to try, over and over again if need be, to help others who need it. It is a shame that it sometimes takes organised religion to make them see but then, I don’t know, is that it? I am probably conceited but, I really feel if others cannot see the good in me, the ‘God’ in me and my genuine love, then, quite possibly they are not really seeing it anywhere else either. Can a person mistrust my motives but then believe others simply because they have a place of worship to their name?

When I die, and I have to at some point. I would love more than anything else to be remembered for the man who saw the good in others and gave them the chance to see the good in themselves.

I am glad if I managed to help Alex and Robin. I am thankful too that guys whose names I don’t feel it is right to mention here are alive today because of my efforts. I hope many may find their lives better for knowing me because, if that is true, life is surely worth living. James, my failure. I tried everything, all that I knew and it wasn’t enough. I cannot believe he knows God any better now than he did before. He brings about failure in everyone who knows him because, he has not found God. A man who knew God and his relationship with his own son, Jesus, could never forget his own son, Joshua. Actions speak louder than any amount of words and, Javis/James has failed that boy in every way imaginable and shall continue to do so. How long after this season of giving will he once again walk away to leach off others? My heart tells me I want him to feel what I feel, I fear he never will. But, life has a way or balancing things and, Joshua, that amazing little lad, has a loving mother and father in Daisy & Sean. If Javis is ever ready and feels he has earned the right, he could take his place, right now, stay clear, the boy doesn’t need or deserve you.

Grr … secrets, especially at this time! (unrelated)

Tomorrow, Christmas day, utterly awesome … if I got no gifts at all I am satisfied that the wealth of love I have received compensates me many times over.

To anyone feeling alone at this time of year, I am deeply sorry. Again, a lesson from a film … ‘no man is ever a failure who has friends’ … shame on you if you don’t know that quote!

And finally .. ‘God bless us, Everyone’

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