Photography page Fully Working

Would very much like to get an eventual business from this photography thing but, lately, I have run out of eager volunteers prepared to make a date and get some pictures taken which would leave me, without investment, dead in the water as this has to totally rely on word of mouth to work.


Holidays to New York all booked. It turned out Virgin Holidays were the cheapest for car rental. Sean and me have something similar to a Mustang convertible whilst, me, Adam and Daisy are getting a tank! OK, more like a Jeer Grand Cherokee! The entire cost for flights, car and hotel for 7 nights was a little over £700 each so, I reckon, a damn bargain! We will be flying Virgin Atlantic from Heathrow with Robin kindly acting as our Limo service in his shiny new Chevrolet Orlando. On a related note, if I ever have need to call Virgin Holidays ever again to sort out a problem, remind me never to allow myself to call India again … a customer should never feel an urge to terminate anything whether it be their holiday agreement or the telephone operator in India!


Have decided Seat cars may not be the way to go when I need to replace the Leon in 2014, their sales are excellent, after sales leave a lot to be desired!

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