Merry Christmas

2014-12-25 00.01.21

Well, another Christmas, I’ve had a few of those now, how many? Well, you should know that already dear reader.

2014 has been a bit of a roller coaster year, strange I’d say that, I quite like roller coasters!

I travelled all the way around the world this year you know, easterly all the way, that’s a lot of miles

I’ve loved and I’ve lost, starting to wonder whether … well, there may be someone, watch this space. Time shall tell, no rush.

Too much time has been spent in hospital either as a visitor or a patient, not one of my favourite places.

I have been shit on from a great height by at least two, if not more people this year, actually, it’s quite a few more if I am honest with myself about it, not a good year for respect 2014.

Oh boy, the debt, hell there is too much of that. Too much of a lot of things we could all do without this year.

But, on the whole a lot of good happened, there is always good in amongst the bad, it’s like that, life.

I’ve learnt a lot more this year about what true friends are (and what they’re not) and, I am a very lucky man. As someone once said, no man is a failure who has friends, that so true.

We are measured not by what we have but what we’ve given away, that too is true.

I am starting to think about a future I’d not have imagined this time last year, can it work? I don’t know, maybe. Is it a really sensible, well thought out possible future? Hell no! I’m lucky though, I have a safety net if it all goes wrong! Anyway, no changes for a few years.

So, it’s Christmas Day 2014. Anyone wanting Santa to visit is tucked up soundly in bed, right now, there is another man entirely that I’d like to visit!

Well everyone, you’ve got the best part of the week to make your plans for 2015. This year I am breaking from tradition, I have no plans for next year!

God bless us, every one.

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