That day went quick!

Trying to remember what I did today, not so easy as I am sure I was doing several things at the same time … apologies to Daisy, I think I didn’t quite complete the dishwasher bit.

I forced myself to stay in bed a little later. Sure, I woke up just before 7am and each half hour but I didn’t get up until after 9am.

I took Daisy to Sainsbury as she needed to get something for a birthday present.

Around 11 something I came back and Anne popped in for a chat, always nice to see her and the kids though Zach tried flying off some steps but he’s OK.

Zoey has still not been eating or drinking, it’s been many weeks now since she started not being right.

I called 111 which is our emergency Health Service number and spent an age on the phone to them, probably an hour or so. Got through to the GP surgery and eventually got them to send out a doctor who examined Zoey thoroughly and concluded she was physically OK but emotionally a mess. She’s been prescribed some anti depressants.

In there somewhere I managed to spend some time with my Dennis who is unwell at the moment, he has a fever so I was mean and made him go take a cold shower.

Quite possibly there is more stuff I did in there somewhere but, I can’t be doing with trying to work out what.

Hopefully Saturday is a little less busy.

I read somewhere the clocks change this weekend. It was only later, after I spoke to Dennis and told him, it dawned on me this was way too early so … it’s October 25 they go back, not any time soon!

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