Zoey October 14

I am quite convinced now that we’ve turned the corner with Zoey. I am going on my gut here but I feel she’s not going to revert back to how she was once she’s home.

Speaking of home, I don’t think it will be long. I shall know more tomorrow possibly but all of us now feel that keeping her there does more harm than good. It’s also apparent that some of the patients there are not the sort of people Zoey should be mixing with at all.

We were sat in a meeting earlier when this very well dressed lady came in the room and sat down. Long story short, turns out she’s a patient. She was adamant she was not leaving. We eventually had to leave the room ourselves whilst the heavy mob dealt with her kicking and screaming. It was quite scary and intimidating how cold this woman was. She looked like someone who would think nothing of shooting everyone in the room given the chance.

Anyway, we need to wait see what is going to happen but I feel optimism is appropriate.

Don’t get carried away, I also think I’ve got an uphill struggle getting the sort of package in place from Social Services that Zoey is going to need. It’s a long road yet but, hopefully, by just the other side of Christmas we might have it all in place.

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