There is so much going on

It’s really quite stressful.

Going to work would be far less stress than being responsible for others that I actually care about. There is no detachment here, it’s full on all of the time. I don’t begrudge it, far from it. Life has dealt me this hand and I am going to play it to win it would be so much nicer with a lottery win though. They say that money can’t buy you happiness but, I’d just much rather scream in a mansion.

Once again we’ve got the Zoey issue happening. She’s fine but it’s the social workers buggering about. They’ve been told time and time again that the budget from last year needs to be increased so they increased it but then said she cannot have the new budget until she moves out whilst acknowledging it’s not enough anyway. They just unsuspended the old budget after having saved themselves £5,600 in payments they didn’t make to it. The amount will just cover her two trips to Project Care each week and the small bit left over will barely cover anything!

So, that’s Zoey and it’s ongoing, very much so.

It would appear that the company running Jermaine’s care has no record of what the original agreement was when he moved in so I’ve got to sort that mess out now. My guess is that an awful lot of money has gone walkabout!

Robin is thankfully improving, I worry about him loads so glad of that.

Me & Dennis are awaiting the decision of the UK immigration people as to whether he can visit here or not. The way my life is going at the moment there seems only a slim chance they will say yes because his coming here is a positive step toward my future so why the hell would anyone support that?

The Motability car apparently has a crack in the steering column so that needs repairing. In the meantime I’m driving around in a minibus!

My GP finally agreed I need to see a specialist allergy consultant, there is only one in the county so my appointment is 5th July! No hurry there then.

I hate the feeling of not being in control. I am not a control freak it’s more a case of needing to have some control over my own future and not have it so much in the hands of other people.

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