A different lifestyle

I’ve decided that I am trying a different lifestyle. Except for special events I am going to turn off the electronics at 10pm and sleep by 11pm. After 9pm my phone will be off in my wind down time.

I tried this last night, almost worked except that I woke up at 03:30 and needed to get up as my mind was too active to sleep. Half hour later I went back to sleep again so, getting there.

My weight gain could be over eating, it could be the statins I am on but, it doesn’t matter what causes it ‘I’ have to change it. Since I lost weight I have now regained 8 lbs and feel like I’ve totally let myself down. MY clothes feel tight and I feel too heavy. Again, could be the statins but most likely the weight gain is causing aches and pains, none of this is good.

I am going to be actively avoiding stressful situations. If I don’t want to deal with something a certain day then I’ll just put it off until another day and deal with it then. Me time is not going to be a luxury because it is clearly an essential part of daily living.

My general fitness is low so I need to absolutely be back at the gym working out. I suspect a diet of chicken, rice and eggs is on the cards.

I most sincerely do hope that me and Dennis can submit the visa application soon, all the waiting is stressing me. I want it to be in and I want a positive outcome. I think both me and Dennis deserve some happiness.

What can you do?

As much as I enjoy biscuits, eating out, coffee, cakes, and so on, I need to say no, it’s easier not to be asked. Offer me only healthy stuff then I can say yes and everyone is happy!

Don’t ask me to do anything unless there are no other options. I’ll nearly always say yes whenever possible despite the damage it does to me. I need some help saying no.

If I offer to do something for you then see that as partly for me too, I need to be useful but I am working things into what also is in my best interest too. Things I can do which are good for me as well as you. Robin, if I offer to push you in a wheelchair sometimes, go with it, it’s me having a mobile workout! Chris, if I offer to go looking at cars with you, I LOVE looking at cars and I am walking about, another workout whilst chilling doing what I enjoy doing. I know it helps others and they feel like perhaps a burden but I’ve got it sorted and I will tell you if you’re being a pain in the arse so don’t worry! If I don’t tell you then you’re not! Sometimes I just like to hang out because it declutters my mind and that’s not even a word but I think it works! Sometimes it gives me the chance to voice my worries and your input is important to me. I did a Viber group thing earlier and felt so much better afterwards, I didn’t feel like I was carrying the UK side of the weight on my own.

If I ask directly for help, please do if you can, I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t need it.

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