Caring can be S*** work

Today I can honestly say I have never before been covered in so much poo! It was everywhere and anywhere. A simply helping out of someone seemed to have the inevitable poo outcome but, these are the joys of minimum wage jobs. It is a mystery to me how jobs like this with such a huge personal level of responsibility and, a huge amount of poo, can possibly get paid so little when other far easier and cosier jobs get paid loads.

None of this is helped by it costing me around £2000 a year to get too and from work which means I work for an hour a day just to get there and back! Totally bonkers!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, it’s just perfect apart from the location and the salary. After all, we cannot just forget that the reason we work is to earn a living, the best we can, it matters.

If something goes wrong with the car I am screwed, I cannot get to work and that’s not acceptable in any way.

So, sadly, I either get a pay rise to cover the costs which will also help me buy a smaller car so I can use that AND have a back up … which Dennis will eventually drive. So that, or I get a similar job on the same salary within walking distance thus awarding myself a £2000 a year pay rise. Ironically, the journey time might be just as long but at least I am certain of getting there and back.

I have a new spare wheel now, getting a new tyre tomorrow hopefully and then get it fitted. A typical example of mad panic because the car is off the road and I need it for work the next day! It will be sorted for the weekend which I am not working.

Muchly looking forward to the Fireworks and Alton Towers this year possibly on November 4th as I plan to have that weekend off so it gives me the 5th still. I can bet my bum that if I didn’t ensure I had the 5th off I’d be doing an early shift on that day!

My health … apparently I’ve another vitamin D deficiency again. The symptoms are identical to what I am experiencing but then it does seem very unlikely that one little thing could resolve so much. I can say for total certainty I am sick of feeling night time tired all of the time. I am not over playing this, I honestly could just stay in bed all day every day I am that tired. I can’t concentrate properly so often too it’s horrendous! Added to that the pointless anxiety and depression and weight gain, muscle and joint pain, I feel bloody awful every day. Some of the residents at work move better than I do!

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