It just gets better

After a pointless meeting at Jermaine’s school to discuss speech therapy for a kid that doesn’t speak, Matt and I returned to Northampton to watch Star Wars III.

It may have been a good film if I had zero memory but I haven’t and I really just cannot do the prequel concept, I just cannot escape into a movie when I already know the outcome.

On leaving the cinema I got voicemail from Jermaine’s school. Apparently he has body lice, I assume that’d be crabs. Clearly I would find this alarming as I know none of us here would have them so where the hell would he have got them from?

Matt and I spent an entire very unpleasant evening cleaning Jermaine up and after all that, we didn’t find any evidence of anything except head lice so, we went through hell and so did Jermaine for what appears to be nothing,.

Tomorrow Matt and I shall cover him in Derbac just to be certain and I hope he will be back at school on Monday.

This did mean that I lost the chance to go out to London to unwind, the first time I have been out that far in ages and it is ruined again 🙁

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