July 7

Somehow 7/7 doesn’t quite have the ring to it that 9/11 did but all the same, cowardly terrorists calmly attacked innocent civilians in London this morning and reeked havoc on the cities transport system and on our future tourism.

What did they achieve by these attacks? Well, nothing of course, how could they? London and the UK survived 5 years of killings during the Second World War and still we prevailed and fought off our enemies. So, some crack pots fighting in the name of their own version of religion believe that a few bombs in our capital are going to change anything in this country of ours?

These people are cowards and bullies, they deserve no sympathy or any attempt at understanding.

I could not help but notice just how quiet the net has been today. Hardly anyone seemed to be about, today is not a day for triviality I think.

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