My friend from Dagenham, Paul visited today and I was so hoping I had felt better than I did. In fact, I woke up this morning hurting like hell. Annoyingly one of my antibiotics has a side effect of buggering about with my circulation. Of course, still can’t open my mouth either.

Anyway, Paul and I spoke, most of which I can’t repeat because it is confidential. But I think we both conveyed how much we have loved each other for years. I am not sure that means the sort of love that leads to a relationship and my condition certainly stopped me from trying anything physical though I really wanted to.

It concerns me that Paul is not well yet he is frightened to go to the doctor to get sorted. He could so easily get himself fit and healthy again yet is fixated on old wives tales of the past to how his sort of problems are dealt with and it is really so much easier now. I think I managed to convince him that 42 is not old though!

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