An end to this first week at home

Paul left this morning and this afternoon Jermaine arrived home from a totally terrible cock up of nearly three weeks of respite.

It’s not worth writing all about it here as, well, to be honest, I don’t know all the details myself yet. Suffice to say that he was messed about a lot and it was all totally avoidable.

With all that, he still managed to come home with a smiling face and eagerness to hug; it was such a relief to get him back like that.

At the dentist, I saw a different one, I had to do some negotiating as what this guy was saying was different to the last story I got and my natural distrust of dentists made me want to be sure before I agreed to anything.

Daisy wanted to go along with me and I couldn’t see any reason why not and I am so glad she did.

The dentist convinced me, with demonstrations and explanations what he needed to do so I allowed him to proceed. I needed a major descaling which hurt like hell. This was where Daisy proved so vital to me. She noticed me in pain and immediately grabbed my hands even through she almost passed out when she saw how much blood there was, both Daisy and Matt have real issues with blood yet have to deal with so darn much of it. Anyway, had she not been there I would have screamed and run out, she enabled me to get through it and I am so proud of her.

It turns out that I have a major issue with a wisdom tooth and it needs to be removed, so, something wonderful to look forward to. The dentist also found a large chunk of debris the size of a petit pois in the cavity caused by the wisdom tooth which was causing me a lot of pain and removing that has also enabled the mouth to open a little more which is wonderful. It’s not a vast improvement but at least it was something and maybe the antibiotics can do the rest.

Earlier I had to sort out Jermaine’s meter as the measurements and loads of other settings had been screwed up. To be certain it was giving the right readings I tested it on myself and got a reading of nearly 11 (should be 5-7) so I decided it was probably not calibrated right … then I had a thought that maybe it is and it is actually me that is not right so I tested both Daisy and Matt and they were both normal. Bugger, just what I need, diabetes on top of everything else! I shall test myself over the next few days and see what happens.

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