Picard – A Great Conclusion


I have not enjoyed all of the series Picard with Patrick Stewart. Some elements I felt were ill judged and were simply not in keeping with television standards. The one I feel was so wrong was the level of tobacco placement in the series. Just about every episode promoted smoking with both the good guys and bad guys indulging. Alcohol was not far behind either.

Whether this was some ploy to make it more gritty I do not know. What it did was feel like they had a lot of sponsorship from the tobacco industry. Not a small amount from Jamesons Irish Whiskey either!

But, negatives aside, it was one of those series which gets us into the characters as the episodes pass by. Perhaps it might have worked had they skipped rather a lot of the episodes and compressed it into just one mega season. Looking back I feel several of the episodes just didn’t much matter in the great scheme of things. With just a little tweaking and maybe 5 more introductory episodes, they could have done it?

What did it have that I liked?

LGB content, very well done but, not the first attempt to normalise LGB relationships albeit, this time it was mentioned as a think and then, suddenly it wasn’t a thing again so no real commitment there.

Melding several different series together was a nice touch. Did I get all of them? The Original Series with President Chekov actually voiced by Walter Koenig, obviously The Next Generation, DS9 and Voyager. Did I miss anything?

Resurrection … Picard died from his Irumodic Syndrome which he actually didn’t suffer from and then was given a new body (aged to perfection). Data was likewise recovered from the files in B4 & Lore. Seems we cannot keep a good character down. In this section I feel I must also mention the Klingon Bird of Prey from Star Trek 4 and, of course 1701-D and … well, let’s look see because seeing this shows I did indeed miss out connections with other Star Trek shows

So, I missed ‘Enterprise’ amongst my linked series. Likewise Star Trek VI is there also with a little more DS9

In case you are not Trek enough, Worf was also on DS9 hence why I did not need to rely on the Defiant. The Dominion was also was DS9 and that is where the Changelings (if that is how it is spelt) were from.

Now, the important bit, important but, maybe won’t ever Happen. A new Trek series called Star Trek Legacy following the exploits of 7 of 9, Jack and crew as they boldly go. The final scenes of Picard hinted at it even with the Q popping in for good measure. Will it or won’t it?