Am Impressed

2015-05-18 09.09.19

How lovely to see an employer prepared to quite literally fly the flag

Nationwide Support

I thought it might just be a local thing but true to their name, they are making this ‘Nationwide’ and seem to have realised that by actively including the LGB community it will change their image for the better.

I will be honest, it was strange for me to turn up at their HQ in Northampton earlier and see the flag flying there alongside the National flag and their Corporate flag but how forward thinking are they? Very in my opinion.

There are some 10% of the population who are LGB, that’s a lot of people. You know, there are still a huge amount of companies who don’t have ‘Civil Partner’ as part of their marital status list. Of those who do they still tend to class such relationships as less than traditional familiar relationships.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 11.09.54

It isn’t a one off event either, across the country Nationwide are showing support for the LGB community.

It’s good to see, should be supported too in my opinion. It’s not a one way street. When a company takes a stand like this we as members of this LGB community need to support them either with our business or with publicity.