Overdoing it

It has been a nice day today but has also proved to be just how unwell I am.

Got up early to go and meet Seb down town and had a really fun time. It was great to laugh a lot and be on the same wavelength as someone else. Annoyingly, because I think Seb and I could be really good friends, he is probably moving back to France again soon so I may only see him one more time before he goes and I am a bit gutted about that.

Drove over to Robin’s after that and took him some new mugs. I figured it is always nice to have something new and fresh in the house and it is kinda of a way of me being there when I can’t be too.

Memo to self: Cut Robin’s hair … no, I am not obsessed with hair, I just seem to be OK at cutting it and it needs cutting.

I got back here with good intentions to do some housework, cook dinner etc but I was so shattered I just needed to go to bed. Very pleased to have the chance to speak to Danny first though.

Daisy was really good earlier. She cooked dinner without complaint and then did the washing up afterwards without complaining as well so I gave her £2 as a reward. Rewards are not assured here as then it would just be a payment for a job and I don’t believe families should do that. But every now and then when someone does something really nice or unexpected, it’s appropriate to show some appreciation that is tangible.

Oh, I started this by saying how I was overdoing it. I still need to though, I can’t give in to illness, it’s not me.

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