Bored, I am unbelievably Bored!

Bored, I am so bored I could crush a horse and eat a grape. Hell no, I am more bored than that, oh yes I am …. ” ————— “

Plan for today: kept it simple, start the year off slow ….

Get up (at some point)
Make hole in wall, affix light
Make two more holes in door frame, affix new bell push
Step back proud of myself, have a bath, go back to sleep, relax, eat and sleep

Actual day … Zoey wakes me, “I missed the bus”
I take Zoey to school picking Daisy up en route because her school still isn’t open
Coming back from Zoey’s school Matt calls “Can you buy me breakfast down town?”
I buy breakfast
Cancel DIY plans
Attend to email
Take too long over email
Start doing useful things
Interrupted several times, balls up useful things
Attempt to get Bluetooth working on PDA, fail, bugger up GPRS
Run out of day, sort out kids arguments, make plans for tomorrow

Where has this day gone … “It’s behind you”

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