Speed, I have speed

No, not the drug, the RAM for my PC arrived and I have noticed a speed increase. I have also had a blue screen of death again and it is from the nvidea graphics card. Checked Google and it is a well known problem, loads seem to have it yet there is little can be done. I did update the drivers, no blue screen but then, crap graphics too ๐Ÿ™

Read Martyn’s blog earlier, I wish I had know about it earlier, I wouldn’t have had so much to read!

Martyn, you had no need to feel any jealousy about GC in July, as far as I was concerened, you were there in many ways! Yes, there is nothing I would like more than if you had a nice big house I’d go stay with you and yes also, I know you know what I know and that what I want I can’t have, it’s OK.

Just finished reading Robin’s blog too, thanks honey, some nice words. I will have to be cutting down on my trips over petal, costs rising, income shrinking! I will still always be there if you need me though and you know you are always welcome here and you will have wheels again as of tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, not spoken to Danny in ages, I am missing Danny but just never seem to make the time and it is entirely my fault, I have the time just don’t set it aside. I will though, I most certainly will.

Day didn’t go quite as I hoped today. Not terrible just not as productive as I wanted. Some housework, general tidy up. Swearing at the PC, some shopping, my hair cut (way overdue).

I did get several letters sorted and set an agenda for tomorrow so that’s a bonus.

Wanting to have a shower but worried the ceiling will finally give way … of course, if I had someone here to do my back then sod the ceiling, ho hum ๐Ÿ™

Thinking I am not arrange this Kagoul thing in London, it is taking more time than I have spare and with less money now I would rather spend it more selectively. I will have way more fun in Bristol being covered in shaving foam than I will in Manchester.

It’s tomorrow already, time for that shower I think.

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