Bollox to it

Does anyone want around 40= totally crap DVD not one of which I have had any success with? If they allow me to write to them hardly any drive will read it afterwards … memo to self : Don’t buy cheap crap from PC World.

The outside light is still inside, it has got really cold again with snow and ice and I am buggered if I am going outside to sort it out in this!

I am sick of being fat yet have managed to find an excuse every day not to go to the pool or the gym, I should be ashamed of myself … and I am.

This pain I am getting, it’s not very nice but there are some advantages, OK, just the one I have discovered so far. When I got to bed I have really cold feet but I also have inflamed ankles so, if I rest my feet on my ankles (not at the same time silly) then my feet get warmed up and the pain eases off a little, a good balance. It hurts too much to put my feet on my knees where the main pain is so if someone with cold feet would like some knees to use, here I am.

Why do I feel tired all the time? (answers on a postcard)

I have my GUM MOT on Monday, it’ll be good to get that out of the way with. I have not really been worrying about it too much but I do have to consider that my current condition stems from somewhere and it would be good to rule out the STD route. God help me if I am HIV+, arthritis and HIV+, I am doomed to spend the rest of my not entirely healthy and trunkated life alone, sod that. I am banking on negative, seems way more promising.

Now, about this £15m on the lottery this evening, I’ll share it wisely if I win but I could really do with it right now should anyone, you know ‘upstairs’ be reading this.

Meant to be going to a party this evening, not really in a being sociable kind of mood but I shall go anyway and maybe stay for an hour or two. I won’t really know that many people there so few will notice me arrive or leave.

Got GPRS sorted, Virgin sent me some settings so that is up and running again.

OK, I am getting bored writing this now and neither Robin or Martyn have updated so I can’t be arsed to update any more either … maybe tomorrow

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