Home again

Another relaxing weekend at Gary & Toms though some doubt whether they paid their share of the Pizza Hut bill or not as we seem to be down a lot of money … OK, £15 but it’s a lot out of the weekly benefits!

Came home and the house was tidy except for a leaking pipe which meant the dishwasher and washing machine needed to be taken out and the surrounding areas cleaned, the pipe fixed and all put back. Zoey’s computer was playing up so I had to near on rebuild that. The shower head fell off the pipe so both needed replacing, £35 gone.

I bought 2 Christmas Presents online, that’ll save some time, planning a trip in a week or so as John has a passport now.

My throat is really quite sore so eating is painful but I shall just keep an eye on it and see what develops, any worse and I am at the GP surgery to get it sorted.

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