Mr Spontaneity

Every now and then I do something totally spontaneous. This is one of those times.

I have been having that feeling that I need a holiday and seeing as we spent a long time and a challenging time getting John a passport, somewhere out of the country seemed to fit the bill.

Being a creature of habit my first thought was to Disneyland Paris but on checking found that they were fully booked on most hotels and that can only mean one thing … very long queues on everything so ‘sod that’.

Tried Gran Canaria next but that was silly money so I called the guys at Respect and asked where was cheap and poofie. So, we are ‘going to Ibiza, sunbeams sunbeams’ (I hope) this Sunday.

The price is excellent at around £300 for the two of us for a week, flights included. We do have to sort out our own transfer from the airport but I cannot see that being a huge problem, about 20 minutes in a taxi from what I can see.

Off subject, excuse I … my ENT consultant arranged an appointment for me to go visit him on 19th up the hospital so I put in a complaint and have said that they have just a couple of weeks to resolve the mess before I make a formal complaint.

Matt got his bike replaced after the incident whereby it got knackered and he was also able to swap his shifts over. The student loan people have approved everything as well so he should know how much he is getting and when he is getting it this week.

Robin is being a total star (back on topic) and taking us to and from the airport … I may have another favour to ask him to make my enjoyment complete.

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