All Boxed out

That’s because I intended to write on Boxing day and technically it isn’t any more.

Watched Kinky Boots the other day and I was amazed, the movie was just excellent and made me proud to live in Northampton.

Spoke seriously this evening about Matt’s impending 10 minute movie and finally got somewhere. he’s to ask Ian to play the lead and me as the second (oh brother). He may get Richard to do the piss off manager and his teacher and the wife. The kids are currently set to be Daisy and the munchkin. It may actually work though I may need to keep the vodka flowing to get somewhere with it.

Robin seems a lot better which is brilliant … still not eating a great deal but hopefully that will change given time and I think a week in the nut house has convinced him he isn’t!

I am feeling quite optimistic about 2007, it holds some prospects I am quite keen on, it may even be fun!

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