In the Land of the Living

The Rheumatology department at the hospital reckoned that my joint pain would be eased considerably were I to take some anti anxiety pills. Apparently, so the theory goes, if I am nice and relaxed the pain will simply go away.

Tried said pills for a week. Pain got worse and I spent much of my time asleep or just off with the fairies. I decided that taken them is no longer an option as I really do need a life.

Earlier I decided that there was way too much clutter around me so something had to change. My mind decided that if my desk were to move 18″ to the right that I would have a vastly improved workspace and thus feel happier and become more content (just goes to prove the tablets were crap). An hour or two later the job was complete and the office looks a lot bigger and my desk looks huge, no clutter! I am a happy bunny again 🙂

Matt is still gliding along waiting for something to happen to get him out of the current hole. It may do but probably won’t and it’ll all be left to late to make any difference by the time real panic sets in.

Time for a service … yes, it is that time of year when the car requires a full service and MOT. It also needs a couple of new tyres and some repair work and if I get any change from £600 I shall be surprised to say the least, I am expecting much more. Annoyingly, the car knows it’s service time too and doesn’t miss an opportunity to bleep at me with all the various little glitches it is currently finding. Bleep, Bleep, Bleep …. fucking BLEEP! I am wondering if I change the language to French whether I will get a lovely accordion effect but probably not.

There have been no repercussions as yet in relation to the incident in the snow. There is still time and I can’t believe solving the chav problem was as simple as belting one of them, we can only live in hope whilst keeping a careful eye out at the same time.

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