Not always is good fortune good timing

Matt had got himself in trouble again financially, it’s an all too common event and each time he has been bailed out with the inevitable following arguments whilst he makes all sorts of excuses which mainly consist of how he has it all under control cos he’s gonna get a job which pays more, do overtime or whatever and, of course, these things don’t happen and low and behold a student loan pops up and resolves it all for him. He thinks he’s won some sort of victory on we go until the next cock up. This is just one such time and there was no student loan in the pipeline to rescue him this time. For the first time ever he’d have to take this seriously and work through it like an adult. Learn how to budget and actively make sure he had more money coming in … the truth being that he is living way beyond his means. So, there I am quite excited that finally my little boy is going to grow up and take some responsibility at last … How wrong was I?

An envelope arrived and I knew what it was right away. Sure enough it was a letter from CICA confirming an award of £3400 as compensation for the attack on Matt over a year ago. As usual he’s confirmed his position as the man who lands in the shit and comes out smelling of roses.

I am over the moon he got the award but really sad that the timing of it has taken away all incentive to learn from his mistakes. He’s already used 90% of his phone credit with not yet half the month gone. There is no way he’ll have enough self control just not to call so expect another huge bill … the last one was £90 above his £40 a month contract charge.

What scares me is that he’ll really land in the shit one day and there will be nothing to save him from it.

Just got back from a weekend in Bristol … oh yes I did!

We went mainly to see Martyn in panto (Aladdin) but also for a break. We watched two movies … ‘Hot Fuzz’ which was excellent and ‘Epic Movie’ which was total crap. The Chinese on Saturday was rubbish too. I have never been to such a bad buffet in the UK.

The Panto was really good, OK, not ‘really’ good but more a case of … considering the size of the company and the space they have for the show they do amazingly well. Sadly, the girl playing Aladdin didn’t really have a good voice but her personality more than made up for it and she covered for some otherwise weak performances especially from the ‘cops’ (the dames from last year). I said it last year and again this year … smile already! Martyn was excellent and looked quite dashing with his furry features, it really suited him. His rendition of ‘Trust in Me’ was magical and he really played up to the audience and got well and truly booed for it (as he should have been of course being the bad guy).

The AA man from last year got a promotion to Emperor though he still had too many lines to say … maybe next year he can be restricted to ‘words’ rather than lines? Bless him, I am sure he does his level best but when there is a paying audience the cast needs to at least look pro and he sadly is not up to the task of front of stage cast member. The role of Jasmine was inspired. She was not the visual choice but boy could that girl knock out a tune. Speaking of tunes … I was not so impressed by the musical score or playing this year as I was last year. All seemed a little basic like neither player was being stretched, sort of midi file nightmare land. The fairy was better this year and her lines were less than I recall from last year.

The timing of the interval was just silly. It seemed like the performance was extended to accommodate the interval rather than the interval giving the audience a break from the very uncomfortable seating and several people were heard to be complaining about numb bottoms and aching limbs.

It was fun though and The Widow Twankee did a good job though I suspect his voice will be strained for a few days to come.

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