No, It’s me, not you, I hold my hands up, it’s me, I must be wrong

Well, that’s what it seems I am supposed to say these days whenever there is a disagreement at home because Daisy and Matt don’t want to listen to my point of view, they don’t want to just do what I say, no, they are right and I am wrong, that seems to be the order of the day.

All too often I am being scammed into thinking I am going senile and not hearing what I am being asked or told. Earlier Matt swears he asked me on the phone if his new mate Pete could come over and stay and I am convinced he just said if it is OK for him to ‘come back’. I can’t think of any reason why I should have allowed some guy I know nothing about to come back here. Matt has only known the guy a week and on that basis I am supposed to put everyone in this house at some potential risk of whatever. Of course, he could be a lovely guy, I don’t know. All I do know because we were never actually introduced, is that he smells of BO (my first impression), that he eats my food and that he spends a considerable time using my internet connection. This is not enough to reach a conclusion on anyone but it is not a very impressive first impression of someone.

Both the kids do this whereby they insist they have asked something and I have agreed whereby they actually didn’t. I am far from a nut case yet and I know when I have and have not been told or asked something and am sick and tired of this game of theirs to circumvent the rules.

Oh brother, here we go again. Despite me saying to Matt I did not want another hour or so of conversation about it that was what happened. He wanted Tracy to come over tomorrow and I said fine but no shagging because I don’t want that awkward feeling during the day. I’d said this a couple of nights ago yet he brought her back for a shag the following day. I went up to his room just to tell him we were going out and had to wait a while until he shouted through the door that it was OK. I felt so awkward it was unreal and especially as we had the chat the night before about it. So, we’ve just spent over an hour with him (by his own admission) testing the boundaries, discovering how resolute I was about it. Again the issue of “if you were not at home all day, it wouldn’t be a problem” was raised. That, apparently, ‘all’ other parents just left their offspring alone if they were in their rooms with their mates. I, according to Matt, don’t have the right to tell him what to do in his own room and my feelings are irrelevant.

Round and round in circles. I have no idea what he and Robin discussed earlier but it certainly resolved nothing. Matt is no more willing to listen now than he ever is. He still argues like a child and each time I ask myself … “Why is he still here?”

My allergies have gone stupid today. I keep feeling fine then I am wheezing and sneezing, coughing and spluttering … it’s not good and I am feeling crap.

The car finally went yesterday and it was a huge relief to see the back of it. A little sad as it was a comfortable car, good to drive and not too thirsty but time to move on and the money is much needed. As could so easily have been predicted, the news about the Sebring seems not to be so good. The absolute top price for the job of £2500 now seems to be pushing £3000. This, to me, means £3500. (I have insurance to pay for too) This means that with a bank balance of £3000 I would be £500 into my overdraft. With only 5 saving weeks before the holiday that means I can, at besr, only manage to save £750 (leaving a credit balance of £250). That’s not enough to go away with. I am unlikely to spend less than around £1000-1400 whilst away unless I cut right down, that’s just £25 each a day. That may seem a lot but generally there is a lot of eating out going on. There is a fair amount of drinking goes on too. I guess I could, in theory, maybe halve that but it would still be £500-700 even so leaving me with a bill on my return.

I could do with a stroke of luck right now, it’s a headache making these things work, Too true, we are not starving. If funding a nice luxury car and a holiday 2000 miles away is my biggest concern then I guess my worries are not huge. Not that they are all I have to worry about but never mind.

On the subject of one other thing to worry about. Again I am dealing with a move. This is part of the reason I took very much a back seat in Nick’s recent move. With the whole moving thing being the most stressful thing we do I didn’t want to be taking any part of another after sorting Robin and with Jermaine coming up. That particular move looks like it could be going OK. However, with no car now I really do have to have an extra layer of sorting out as I am relying on Robin running me about. I know he doesn’t mind and it’s great that he doesn’t but I do mind. I mind that he may actually have had other plans (even if it was just a shag) which I am riding over. It bothers me that I need to ask anyone to do what would otherwise be the most simple of things just getting in my car and going somewhere, Like Robin, I don’t really do to well having to rely on others.

I do want to do a visit down to Jermaine but have to time it well to try and get as much in as possible. I also need to get over to Corby to get that sorted as well. There is quite a lot which needs sorting over there to make it just right for Jermaine’s arrival.

I have been wanting to go to bed since 10 this evening but here I am just getting to that point. It’s taken nearly 2 hours to get this entry written because I have been interrupted so often.

Well,I am all typed out though I feel I still have so much to get off my chest. If I carry on I will end up with the imprint of a keyboard on my face in the morning!

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