It’s the Chavs (innit) BUT …

Earlier on this evening Matt was mugged (again) walking on a footpath between Kingsheath and Ryehill. Of course the blame is on the chavs that did it but … walking along a dark footpath, unoverlooked with a bag on his back was just plain stupid as the police told him when they were round.

Thankfully the damage is mainly bruising with a head cut which needed to be glued. He also has a huge footprint on his face. Clearly he is in a lot of pain.

Though they did take his bag, all they got was his mobile. The bag and all other contents were later recovered by police. We did, at first, think they got his passport and bankers card. Annoyingly the bag didn’t arrive back before he’d cancelled the card so he’s got to wait on a new one now. The passport being found was a huge relief as that would have cost £66 to replace.

I have bought him a replacement phone for £53. I had to use my £20 discount from Virgin to get it that cheap. It’s not that I have the money to spare but more that I know he certainly doesn’t. Of course, it does annoy me that he’s already gone £36 over his limit on his phone which is £36 less to take on holiday with him. At least the new phone comes with 200 minutes though I may keep that for myself or Deej as I know it’ll just be something to be used ASAP to Matt. He’s not mentioned anything about repaying me so I have no idea if he intends to do that … I am probably just a fool to myself. Yes, it was the chavs but why does he have to do such idiotic things?

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  1. My thoughts are with you all at this time. Although a shocking and senseless incident positive thinking for future events should prevail…keep on looking forward

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