Who’d ‘ave ’em?

Kids and Pets that is.

George has been missing a couple of days, he may come back, he may not. It seems only John and I have noticed he’s not been around, food is not being eaten. We both hope he is OK as cats like him and Tilly don’t come around very often and we’d be sad to lose either of them … time will tell.

Daisy was told by her mum yesterday that if she wanted to stay in town with her mates then she’d have to have Zoey with her and she (mum) was not bringing Zoey home to fit in with Daisy’s social life. On this point I have to say I agreed with her. I spoke to Daisy and told her that if she didn’t include Zoey in what she was doing then I’d expect her home. Needless to say, she didn’t and Zoey had a very boring time down town. It is also obvious that Daisy has been drinking booze from the cabinet not to mention arguing with me in the same way as Matt does and then complaining I treat her like Matt.

Speaking of Matt. Matt has a girlfriend called Ann, this will become important later. He asked yesterday if ‘Harriet’ could come stay the night after the party at gay Matt’s. Oh, and could she come back to get changed too? They all three of them (Zipsy included) seemed to be a little pissed when they got back just before 5pm and they had some drinks before they left. They were OK though, quite jolly and looking forward to the evening out. I was called on or before 9pm from a very pissed Matt. They were all pissed, could I go collect them … I assume they’d spent the taxi fare or else they couldn’t find a taxi to carry them. Matt had been thrown out of a pub for being drunk so he then went next door and had some more to drink. When they got home they created quite a mess and were all three walking in to things and knocking stuff over. By 10pm Matt and Harriet were in a locked and darkened room leaving Zipsy to sleep in the other room. Both Matt and Harriet have just come down for a drink shortly before 8am. I awoke and cannot get back to sleep because I could here or ‘feel’ movement coming from, I presume, Matt’s room.

So, despite having a girlfriend, Matt is sleeping with some other girl. This isn’t any sort of convenience thing because we are short of beds, she could actually have had a room to herself as Daisy is sleeping in the lounge (with the door open) with Dez. Matt looked at me and asked if I was OK and I said fine if a little confused and he gave me one of his – get a life dad – looks and walked away.

This just feels wrong to me and under my roof too.

I have good reason to suspect that Matt will also soon be one job down. He’s playing it all cool as usual but the bottom line is, he’s in the shit big time and making no effort to look for help just hoping his looks and charm will win the day. In a way, I hope he does get sacker, it may do him some good. However, I suspect it won’t as well because he’ll just convince himself that he was in the right and it was them who were acting unreasonably. It so won’t be his fault that he’ll have no money for the holiday, it will be because BHS are arseholes. He still takes his passport with him … being responsible no doubt.

Things have improved these past few days with him but basically he still buries his head in the sand and tried to deal with things he doesn’t have the experience to deal with and he’s still cocking up big time. He is so capable of being something special but instead he disappoints me almost daily.

I so think I shall have to place a total ban on anyone staying over for a while in an effort to reclaim my house

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