I have no idea how to insert a scream into text so use your imagination!

Possibly I have concluded for the first time today that this whole car thing is really getting me down. I am not sleeping right because of it and it crops up all too often, it’s just driving me nuts with the speculation and possibilities.

Neville called earlier at around 16:23 but I had dropped off to sleep so missed him. I suspect he’s calling to say it’s ready to be picked up but don’t know. Even if it were, at that time I’d not have been able to sort the paperwork out prior to the weekend so couldn’t have collected it. What I suspect and the reality may not, as is often the case with this car, match up. He could have been calling to say it had failed the MOT and now I have a large bill to add to the already mounting costs before it can be completed. He could actually have phoned for any number of things but because I don’t know my imagination is going over time. I am as uptight as can be and it’s doing me no good at all.

Add to this the other ‘background’ concern of Matt and what’s happening there and I just know my unfinished business is what is causing my current bit of shite.

I need a month and this should all be over … he hopes (pointlessly)

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