Nearly September

Yes, just two days to go and we are on month 9. I remember cancelling an order for a car once because they said I had to wait 5 months and here I am 5 months after buying the Sebring and still have no real idea when it may be ready!

A taxi from town to here should never cost £8.40 early evening – end of.

Zoey has taken to blocking the loo again so today I taught her how to unblock it with her having to place her own hand in a toilet full of shit. Maybe now she will reconsider just how much toilet paper to use. (probably not)

I have taken a diet holiday for a few days because I have just been feeling really down and ill. I figure that cutting down on food without also exercising more is just pointless anyway.

One more full week of school holidays to go here, that’s a week longer than most school kids get. On the plus side, most kids should be away from town next week so going there will be a little more bearable.

At the moment I am double booked for grandparents visits. Kris’s parents are supposed to come here on September 9th as are my Dad and Kath. My opinion is, Kay & Geoff invited themselves, they have not so much as spoken to me about it to see it is OK so when they eventually call I shall say sorry, but we are busy that day. It’s been over a year since seeing my Dad so I am not putting them off.

I am mentally spending quite an amount of money right now. Physically I am not so this has to be good! So far I have in my mind bought a new car (2nd hand runabout), booked two holidays, redecorated the entire house along with flooring, landscaped the garden along with several other things too numerous to list! A lottery win right now could prove most useful as I actually do at least have some focus right now on where it would start to be put to good use. (About as likely as Zoey being sensible with toilet paper)

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