Sumary of 2007

Erm … nah, didn’t do anything …next!

OK, there were some significant happenings in 2007

Apart from a couple of trips to Calais, one with Deej & Robin and the other with Deej & the girls I also had three holidays in 2007. In January I sunned myself in Gran Canaria paid for by Matt (eventually). I then went to Gran Canaria again in July wit the whole family and friends but not Matt as he was broke (again). In November Deej and me went to Disney Resort Paris which was almost funded by Tesco vouchers.

In July I finally managed to get Jermaine moved to his wonderful new flat in Corby from the hell hole he was in before. In October I managed to get Zoey some additional life skill education.

2007 was the year of automotive madness for me. A time to lose a small fortune on the sale of my Citroen but to gain at a huge discount my Chrysler.

In June I watched Acorn Antiques in Milton Keynes with Deej and Nick.

In September the kittens Jack and Freddie joined us but in the beginning of December, Matt left

My health has been reasonably good with the growth on my ear resolving itself probably because I got a doctors appointment to get it removed!

Having checked through my diary there was not really much beyond that of significance.

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