Yes, the internet based gift it away place.

I have had a few things which I have been getting rid of on there and it does seem to mainly work.

The biggest problem is the amount of responses to popular items. I had one item go within minutes of it appearing and collected within the hour and a further 20+ email asking for it to which I replied with an apology.

It does get rid of the old junk but boy can it be intrusive.

The woman who eventually had my old laptop was OK, lived local but then I got lumbered with a fair bit of after sales support advising her how to set it up. Then there was another woman who came around with her son and was deciding on the doorstep whether she wanted it or not after I had already told loads of people it had gone! She did take it but why did she not realise that once you have agreed to take something, unless it is significantly not as described, you take it?

There is a guy due here within an hour or so to take several other items but I already have someone else lined up if he is a no show.

I am glad they have gone to ‘good’ homes but I am also just as convinced it is a pain up the backside and people just seem to want a lot for nothing from it. There are far more ‘wanted’ posts that there are ‘offered’. Some of the things asked for are crazy! “My daughter has just moved into her new flat, can someone give me everything I need, including carpets, to kit it out for her?” Yeah, right!

On a different note, I think we have decided that we are going to get the Sony Vaio for Jermaine. It will ensure that it is impossible to turn on his TV without turning on his computer. The screen is slightly smaller but only just and even then, it is bigger than the original TV which the room came with. We are thinking that maybe Matt would like the TV that Jermaine currently has and we’d have Matt’s current TV for our games room. That means we have a spare TV but I am thinking that maybe Daisy may have room for that in her spare room?

Anyway, pondering at this stage.

I am assuming that what I have is allergy lead but then, on second thoughts, I have other symptoms as well and cannot stop feeling so very tired despite having slept for hours and hours. I have got some fresh air hoping that’d help but it hasn’t. Probably just the time of year when everyone is feeling a little low and vulnerable.

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