Some people!

Yesterday (Friday) was quite busy already. I had to take Daisy to a work placement interview (work experience) in the morning then down to town to meet her friends. I’d arranged to meet Nick in town to discuss some stuff after that. Before I left home there was a text from Stan saying how he’d be down later in the day. I replied that I’d probably not be back before early afternoon and left it at that.

At just after 1pm I got a message from Deej saying Stan had just dropped in and then gone again leaving instruction that I were to text him as soon as I were available. I did that and he said he’d call back again at home to see us properly.

Nick came back with us as well.

Soon afterwards I got a text from someone asking if Stan had been patronising to Deej, apparently he’d been boasting how he was always patronising to people he thought deserved it. By 6pm time was getting on, dinner to get etc and still no Stan. Sent a text and he just said ‘sorry, went back to Leeds’ like I am meant to be really grateful that he deemed fit to turn up at all and that my waiting in all afternoon was expected! Well, no frigging way is it!

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