Flippin’ Interweb!

I have been using the internet for some 12 years now. There have, in all the time, been just two times when I have wondered if it was more poo that it was cake and now is one of those times.

To be honest I am not getting a great deal out of it. The gay dads site is nigh on dead in the water. A few guys post now and then but I have to put a lot of effort into to it to keep it moving and I just can’t be arsed. Out! is OK, handy for advice and large enough to have a good mix of people but it’s a little samey and hardly anyone wants to move from net mates to real mates. Kagoul is just a joke at the moment. It’s so bad even the moderator is thinking of quitting! Thingbox is a vile place. One guy who just got booted off Kagoul for 2 days for telling lies about me has been sending messages to me, here is one lovely example:

Hmmm… so how does it feel to finally discover how widely loathed you are on Kagoul?

I almost felt sorry for you when I left Kagoul which is why I dropped you a line, but having seen the way you’ve once again tried to twist things to your advantage knowing I’m out of the way, you can get fucked.

I’ve watched you twist and turn on the hook you impaled yourself on when you first started replying to redshed’s Joan Collins’ thread and I have to say, it has been a pleasure. So thank you.

You’re an odious little shit who has been a parasite on the backs of hard-working people for much of your working life. Which is why those of us on Kagoul or elsewhere who have to work hard for a living can’t stand you either.

Since you’re always the first to report anybody who criticises you, but can’t ever bring yourself to admit what you’ve done back to them, you’re doubly damned as a gutless coward in my book too.

I’m pleased to say I never reported anyone in four years on Kagoul – apart from you on one occasion and that was only after you boasted you were going to report me in a PM.

Still, I suppose that’s because some of us are real men and others are cowardly little bullies.

Even when you dropped yourself in it on Kagoul by saying that you’d only asked the Mods to monitor the thread, then had to admit you’d reported me, you still couldn’t do the manly thing and put your hands up.

I’ve never met anybody I truly loathed before, whilst I certainly didn’t think it would ever be a fellow gay guy, but for me, you’re it mister.

No doubt you’ll try reporting me on here too, but knowing what a stickler you are for rules, I’ve already checked the T&C’s and there are no rules surrounding PM’s on here whilst nothing mentioned in this message relates to anything or anyone on here so you can get fucked.

Carry on having a nice life at everyone elses expense mister… for as long as it lasts.


So, as you can see, not a nice person and one who also wrote to Deej telling him how he should tell me to fuck off!

That all kicked off because he has a real issue with anyone on benefits. He’s told all sort of lies about me to try and convince people I am defrauding the system. Of course, as is typical with guys like him, he managed to boast quite a lot about how he charged his mobile phone bill to the local council!

MySpace is OK but no one writes to me on there, just the kids and I can speak to them in the real world.

I am getting messages as I type saying as how this blog entry may not work as it is unable to contact the server!

Hardly any of my friends contact me any more.

It’s strange, I should feel depressed but I don’t. It’s more that I am just disillusioned with the interweb as a place to make new friends. I simply don’t get out enough and meet real people and that’s just something I have to change.

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