Blimey this year is flying!

April is nearly over already! At this speed by the time we land in Gran Canaria we just as well head on straight back home again!

Had an interview today, more of an informal chat I guess. It was with the Carers Centre in Whitworth Road. I am going to start working there after our holiday as a volunteer but who knows where it may lead. On the plus side, it will look brilliant on my CV and my first step to ‘proper’ work which I am really looking forward to, I want to be anonymous again.

I have been quite upset about the new of the young guy in Redditch Seems he has a very similar condition to Jermaine and I just can’t imagine anything like that happening. After all that struggling, and his mother too, to have it ended so pointlessly.

Tomorrow I get my hair done ready for the holiday and today I bought some new clothes for it. Deej had his hair done yesterday. (Looks amazing by the way)

Having left Kagoul I am a lot more chilled. Clicking on the ‘Kagoul’ link will take you to the obituary about me on there which anyone can read. If I ever needed proof that I had made the right decision, that is it. I also deleted my account on Thingbox as that is near enough specifically designed for guys who have been thrown off just about every other site. All that leaves now is Outeverywhere which has a good balance of members. It’s a pay site but worth the money if I have to belong to anything, also got me out of bother a few times when I have had tech questions I needed answering quickly.

Duston School is closed tomorrow. They are on strike. Today Daisy had two cover teachers. This from a school who says ‘every hour of education is vital to your child’s education!’

Robin is feeling a little down at the moment, I am sure there are other things he’d rather be feeling but he’s stuck with feeling down. Hope he bangs his head on a door soon 😉

Next week is quite busy but we have managed to squeeze in a mad jaunt to London on Wednesday. Marty and Cindy will be there and I am getting a bit fed up with keep missing them so, hopefully, Wednesday is the day when we finally get around to it.

This Friday we get Wii Fit so expect me to be hurting like hell over the weekend!

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