You may have noticed ..

I have changed the look of this back to a more basic template just for ease of reading.

For the record, and for those who don’t read what this blog is about … it is my therapy. Not that I need therapy very often but I find a safety valve handy now and then. It really is never more than a snapshot though, a momentary glance into my current thinking and not representative of my life in general. Invariably that will mean this blog could give the impression that my life is full of doom and gloom and negative experiences, it really isn’t. On the whole I have a good life, surrounded by amazing people.

Of course, those who really know me know all the above already, they don’t need telling. Those that don’t know me may think I am a sad git with no hope for the future, that’s not my problem. Whilst I allow this blog to be public it is not going to be fully understood by the vast majority of those reading it

Meanwhile, back to at the moment … well, actually, at the moment is just after 3am on Sunday morning. It is Daisy’s birthday. Matt and Anne are hear as are Jonny and Paul. Earlier Robin popped over (still feeling crap) with Daisy’s birthday cake and we had spent the day with Nick helping him choose a new wardrobe. He looked really rather good in what he got as well. Alex and Ryan popped in for a while as well. We bought way too much food and much of it went to waste as it wasn’t cooked properly.

Being this late I am not a little bit tired and in a few moments I am to bed.

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