Busy, Flippin’ Busy!

Today is … Wednesday (I just checked). OK, technically today is Thursday but that’s just splitting hairs so don’t go there.

In theory we did nothing Monday and Tuesday, I am sure the reality was different though. Little things such as shopping came in to it, sorting things out over the phone, that sort of thing. Today (Wednesday – just go with me on that one) we went into London and finally met Marty and Cindy from Holland. I checked earlier (yes, have been doing a fair bit of ‘checking’) and I first had contact with Marty in September 1999 so a very long time indeed. It is strange really that he is one of the people I have known longer than most of those I now call friends. Probably all of us were slightly concerned about not recognising the other but as it turned out, we needn’t have worried.

Really, I don’t think I was a lot of good as their guide. London isn’t really something I know a great deal about when it comes to tourism.I have a basic geography of the place and naturally know the main tourist haunts but would have preferred to have been able to show them something off the tourist trail which would have interested them.

Robin drove us down there which took about 2hr 40m so not too terrible but seemed to take a long while. We think the journey back was quicker but I am not entirely sure any of us kept track of the time.

Tomorrow I have a meeting in Corby and then another at Daisy’s school, both will most likely be a waste of time.

Ah yes, speaking of Corby, we visited Jermaine yesterday. A good visit and the journey didn’t seem to long either, maybe I just imagined that though.

Hols next week, just about all ready even though I don’t have a clear idea what we are taking as yet. Doesn’t matter, will work it out eventually!

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  1. Hi Steve!

    Though my Enlish isn't that good (in fact I think it's quite a shame how bad it is…), I had a nice day Wednesday (except for the rain…).
    Nice to finally have met you after almost nine years πŸ™‚

    And hey, you were not thΓ‘t bad as a guide, I was more bad as a guest I think πŸ˜‰ (for so less speaking etc., but that was because I don't actually know how to speak Enlish, but as I write it down now, I think it isn't so bad as I think).
    Hmmmm, much blabla, sorry πŸ˜‰

    Byebye and maybe we meet again; if so I'll try to speak a little more than I did this time πŸ˜‰

    Greetz, Cindy (and Marty ofcourse)

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