What a day

First, thanks Cindy for writing. I can’t be sure that the email address Marty gave me works as messages I tried to send to it bounced back.

That German theme park I was trying to remember the name of was ‘Heide Park’.

Your English was understandable, a lot better than my Dutch!I am the same though, I have a fair knowledge of some other languages and used to be quite good at German but it took courage to actually try and speak it when I was there. It turned out I was rather good but that was because they let me off with a lot of mistakes!

Right, today … It’s been a blur really. Matt & Anne have been here much of the day. Deej and I had to do some last minute purchasing and I cooked dinner. Jermaine visited early evening but whilst he was mostly happy it was clear that there was some irritation not far under the surface. At a guess it may have been because his carers today were treating him like a 2 year old! Nick popped around as well and then, after Jermaine left and a little before that, myself, Anne and Matt got into a discussion about their finances. I felt a little awkward as they are both adults but they were asking my opinion and the chat went on for many hours. Hopefully I helped them resolve one fairly major issue between them with regard to their money. Even though they were both dead tired I think they handled it in a very mature way and should both be quite proud of themselves.

Tomorrow we are off. This is the only holiday I can think of that I didn’t really look forward to. Part of me wants to be there yet a larger part of me wants to be here and none of me wants to travel. I am just so hoping I don’t spend a week dealing with problems whilst Deej and Nick have a holiday, been there, done that 🙁

It is currently 22°C in Gran Canaria so not bad for 01:18, I think I can live with that. 21.2°C is the lowest it got last night. I think that makes me feel a little better about going. It is currently 15°C at the moment here.

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